We are citizens, not subjects. Therefore, we are to be governed by Leaders we have chosen, not ruled by someone we did not choose. It is our duty as citizens to understand fully what that means. Make no mistake, the Leaders we choose aim to govern us, so it is prudent and logical to choose Leaders who believe as we believe and who understand as we understand that this Constitutional Republic our founding fathers created for us is based on Liberty.

Liberty. What does that mean to you? How much Liberty do you want? How much Liberty should you be allowed? These are extremely important questions that everyone needs to answer for themselves. They were so important to our Founding Fathers and our forefathers that they fought an eight year war for Independence from British rule. The Declaration of Independence speaks to unalienable rights among them being Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I submit to you that the most important of these is Liberty. Without Liberty none of the unalienable rights are even possible to the full extent of what they mean. We simply need to look to all other nations around the globe to see the limitations placed upon Liberty. American citizens enjoy the most freedom of any other.

It needs to be understood that today we do not enjoy the same freedom that our ancestors did. Examples of this are in the news daily, on social media, and on the street. Our Bill of Rights are under assault. I will speak on this topic more at a later date.